Volunteer Application

Get involved!

The Commission is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are interested in advancing the profession by contributing to the Commission.
Volunteer service can range from participating in an Item Development Workshop, where you help to write questions for the CCM Exam, to serving on a committee.
It is a great way to make an impact to our profession in a very tangible way.

  • Computer access and ability to receive email and download files.
  • Fax accessibility for both sending and receiving.
  • Ability to participate in conference calls with the possibility of limited travel.
  • Committee assignments must be completed in a timely manner prior to conference calls and/or meetings. Most work is conducted via conference call or email.
  • Committee appointment is for a term of one year.
  • Approximately 40-50 hours of voluntary service is required per year.
  • Independent and group skills required.